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Date, Time, and Location of Event

The date, time, and location of the event will be determined, in advance, in the written Contract made between Miles Moynier and the Client.

Description of Event

The style of music provided can be discussed before the event.

If the event is a wedding, 45 minutes of prelude music will precede the processional. The recessional will conclude the wedding event.

If the event is a reception, party, cocktail party or corporate event, the music provided will last the Contracted period of time. Extensions of time may be negotiated.


A $150 deposit is required to hold the date of an Event. This Fee is due on the signing of this contract. This is a required condition for the contract to proceed; if a $150 deposit of Fee is not tendered upon the signing of this contract, no further obligation for either party comes due. The remaining balance of Fee is due immediately prior to the Performance, but may be made earlier.


4. Cancellation. If full payment is not made by the time immediately prior to Band’s Show, Show may be cancelled by Band, and Operator may not seek any damages. Cancellation may be made by Operator before two days prior to the time of Show, in which case Operator’s 50% deposit of Fee is non-refundable, but Operator will not have to pay the remaining 50% of Fee. If Show is cancelled within 2 days of Show, Operator must pay Band’s full Fee. Band may cancel at any time prior to ticket sales by Operator, in which case Band must refund Fee in its entirety.


No other vendors, agents, or clients may plug into, nor use, the equipment of Miles Moynier. If there is a need for microphones or other equipment, advance notice is necessary, as well as an additional Fee.

Force Majeure

In the event Show cannot reasonably be put on because of unpredictable occurrences such as an act of nature, government, or illness/disability of Band, the 50% deposit of Fee is non-refundable, but no other portion of Fee is due, and the parties may negotiate a substitute Show on the same terms as this Agreement save for the time of Show, with no further deposit of Fee due, in which case a new Agreement reflecting this will be signed by the parties. No further damages may be sought for failure to perform because of force majeure.


8. Parking. Operator will secure sufficient parking for Band’s large cargo van within a reasonably convenient distance to Venue for a minimum period of 2 hours prior to the show and lasting until 1 hour after the show.

Sound System Check

9. Sound Systems Check. conducted by Band of Venue’s sound system is required, at a time to be mutually arranged between Band and Operator.


The Musician holds a policy of insurance…….


Operator indemnifies and holds Band harmless for any claims of property damage or bodily injury caused by Show attendees.


If any portion of Agreement is in conflict with any applicable law, such portion will become inoperative, but all other portions of Agreement will remain in force.